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Like all my careers it requires the XML Injector.  The trait can be found in the Rewards Store for $0.  Just buy the trait and then find the career on your phone like all the other careers.  Like my other careers you can change the work outfit using cheats.

Any NPC career could have been a full fledged actual career.  So here's another.  Two, really, since they're closely related.  The Repair Technician and Landlord Career (from City Living).  The Reward gives you three NPC traits - the Repair one, Landlord, and City Repair (which is not linked to a career).  Try as I might I couldn't get Landlords to be both repairmen and Landlords at the same time.  Oh, well.  

I recommend you use a Sim with a level 10 repair skill for this.  Or don't.  Up to you. 

I eliminated all restrictions from the filters from these jobs with the exception of ghosts.

The City Living NPCs don't need to be a part of any careers to work.  But they do have situation outfits you can't change.  All restrictions have been removed from them!