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Version 7.2 Added new SS recipes and products for delivery from the set, for the microwave

Version 7.1 The mod is adapted to the 1.105 version of the game, delivery is working again, products are opened from packages. The fish was replaced from red to white (the description line was changed). New directories have been added without changes to them (for future update)
Version 7.0 Mod version for the updated game from version 1.100. Updated all recipes and menus, added new catalogs

Version 6.4 The version is compatible with the latest updates

1. Reduced autonomy for sausage, ham, chocolate and bread. Now Sims prefer normal food more
2. Added support for new recipes from S&S and other authors in the refrigerator menu
3. Horses can be fed fruit again
Version 6.2 Added content support S&S of June
Version 6.1 Read more about the update with pictures here or here

Version 5.4 The delivery removed 2 menus with fruits, vegetables and fish EA for faster operation of the mod. Added support for S&S content for February.Read more about the update here

Version 5.3 All EA recipe prices for all catalogs have been updated, including restaurant price lists. Added support for S&S content for January


What does the mod include:

More than 70 new functional products;
For example, different types of dairy products, including cottage cheese, cream cheese, whipped cream, different types of cheeses and milk. A large selection of tea, coffee and many many other products

About 150 new objects for shop and cooking;

☝️All objects are adapted to the Sims 4 game parameters, the weight of the entire mod is 32 MB, which is equal to the average alpha hairstyle!

✅ Various quality options and expiration dates;

✅ Craft EA recipes for new products;

Most products have a function to "Open" the package and get more compact portions. For example, you can open flour packages and get glasses with flour or a bottle of milk and get glasses with milk for cooking!

And also, when opened, the products will immediately fall into the inventory of the refrigerator, which is very convenient!


✅ Improved EA menu for the refrigerator;
Added new products for all EA recipes and new menus for compatibility with "Simple Life"

✅ New improved grocery delivery;

To make the delivery compatible with other deliveries from the authors, we put it in a separate menu on the phone. It is highlighted in a separate color so that you can notice it

The mod will change the prices of EA products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish

You will also be able to build your own grocery store. You will find all the objects in the "Retail" section. All our products contain a hidden tag for quick search, just start typing "SS"

Some products are even edible! For example, packs of chips, crackers, chocolates. As well as jars of jam, honey or peanut paste. You can choose- open a jar of jam and get ingredients for cooking or eat directly from the jar!

If you have the Seasons installed, then when you open a jar of honey, you will receive small portions of honey and you can eat them with your finger!


Some more information:

+ The mod is fully compatible with the base game
It is enough to install only the main file and recipes from the Base Game package

+ Some foods can be found in a tent in San Myshuno Town or a forest ranger’s booth in Granite Falls. You can get a discount there. If you have the appropriate Sims 4 add-ons installed

+ Edibles cannot be sold in a Sim’s inventory, but you can discard them.

+ EA recipes have been changed to require new ingredients.


Install Instructions:

If you had a previous version of the mod installed, be sure to delete it completely and clear the game cache
Download the zip-file and unzip it to your "Mods" folder
Download "Any Ingredient" Cooking Tags Resource and unpack to your "Mods" folder
Download XML Injector and unpack to your "Mods" folder
+ In two folders named "EA Override xx_Additions", delete those game add-ons that you do not have. They now have a name to make it easier for you to find them. If you have all the Sims 4 add-ons, you don't need to delete anything

 You can choose for yourself other folders where to place files. The most important thing is that the files ".ts4script" were installed either in the main folder "Mods", or in a maximum of 1 subfolder


Instructions for RCM compatibility with SCCO here 

If there are problems with installed the mod- you can find a solution here 



- Russian and English

- Chinese traditional and simplified from Mieli


- Portuguese translation (Brazil) from Vólusims

- Japanese translation from blackxxdahlia

- Spanish translation from Laura Martinez Barca 


 ("Menu_Hide" file is not required for installation, You can read more about hiding the menu here)


♥ Enjoy ♥


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