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From now on you can conveniently order all medicines and care products in one place and add them directly to your inventory! The Online Pharmacy App (automatically available on all mobile phones) lets you conveniently order all medicines and care products in one place and add them directly to your inventory! All items can be ordered on the mobile phone without prescription.

Medicines List

This mod includes all items from:

  • Sim 4 Base Game & all packs of all kinds released to date;
  • Allergic to Fur and More Traits by ilkaSimming;
  • Automatic Sunburns by Flerb;
  • Child Birth by Pandasama;
  • Deadly Dickensian Sicknesses by Zero;
  • Dental Care by a.deep.indigo;
  • Divergent Sims by a.deep.indigo;
  • Healthcare Redux by a.deep.indigo;
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy by Zero;
  • Mental Health by Zero;
  • Mental Health Medications by Simularity;
  • Private Practice by SimRealist;
  • Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul by Lumpinou;
  • Senior Living mod by Wicked Pixxel;
  • Wonderful Whims by TurboDriver.

and more...

All items are only displayed if you have the corresponding packs or mods!


The mod now includes custom strings for the menu categories:

  • EnglishGermanSpanishRussian in my own translation.
  • Chinese translation (traditional and simplified) by WANZI.
  • French translation by Mollory.

English strings are used for other languages. If you want to suggest a translation, you can send me one. I'm always grateful for that.


The mod has no conflicts with other mods. It doesn't overwrite anything and doesn't share resources with other mods. If you want to use the addons, please make sure that they are up to date, otherwise they have no effect.

Required Terms

For full functionality are required:

Compatible with the Base Game! You have to allow the scripts in your game settings.

The other mods of the PSO series stay with the last versions and still need the XML injector. However, the switch to the Lot51 Core Library will take place with the next update. You can use the XML injector and the Lot51 Core Library at the same time.

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