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Preferences | Custom Lot Trait


Preferences | Custom Lot Trait

This Mods let’s you customize “Preferences” for Sims on Lots.

This Lot Traits adds a Buff to all Sims spawning on the Lot. With this Buff Sims will have more “Preferences” to do various Interactions.

I recommend using those on generic Lots to build your own custom Venue. The Lot Traits are/will be balanced for generic Lots!

Added so far:



  • Order a Drink & Drink
  • Play Games (like Foosball, Cards)
  • Play Arcade
  • Dance (only Dancefloor/DJ Booth)



  • Play Games
  • Play Arcade
  • Bowling
  • Play Computer Games
  • Sing Karaoke
  • Comedy Interactions
  • Dance (only Dancefloor/DJ Booth)
  • Play MotionGames
  • Play Video Games



  • Play Musical Instruments
  • Paint
  • Sing
  • Woodwork*

Since Sims need the mind. Level 2 to autonomously use the Piano i added a “read Book” autonmous Behavior for Sims that don’t have this mind. Level.
I recommend to buy a few Piano Skill Books and put them on the Lot. Sims will then read them and learn their first levels (hopefully).

*If you use a no autonomously Woodworking Mod and want Sims to do Wookwork on Lots with this Lot Trait you should download my updated “No autonomously Woodworking” Mod



  • Read Book
  • Write
  • Programm
  • Use the Podium
  • Drink Coffee


Body & Soul

  • Exercise
  • Climbingwalls
  • Swim
  • Play Basketball
  • Meditate (only on Gym/Relaxation Center)
  • Yoga
  • Order at Espressobar




Optional Addons

Lot Challenge
Moves the Lot Trait into the Lot Challenges Menu




  • English (default),
  • German by me
  • Portuguese by Guedesrs, meldrin
  • Chinese by hi007097
  • Russian by maclay 
  • French by lorraine5530
  • Spanish by almamia
  • Italian by smirnow 
  • Simplified Chinese by Licer
  • Danish by Misling


Mod Support available via my Discord: