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Updated for Infants Patch and Growing Together.


Works with the Infants patch and the Growing Together EP, please report any problems.


With coding support from the fabulous Mizore Yukii this set gives you six new cradles for your historical sims - all functioning as the game default one. 

Put the files in the 3 zip-files in your mods folder. There are 13 files - 2 files per cradle option, and a tuning file.

The tuning file can clash with other mods you have that changes the tuning for bassinets - and may need updating in the future.

This mod replaces the Base Game default bassinet, but it does not change anything with the other bassinets in game (vampire, alien, spellcaster)

- they are still there and can be used as before. All these six options spawn randomly when a baby is born. If you want a specific one (say, a peasant one in your peasant's hut), place the one you want before the baby is born. Then the baby will be born in it (or placed in it after birth in the Hospital Almshouse.


You can not change cradle model after the baby is born - but you can change color.


Known issue: the cradle, added with the Werewolves EP is not included. I will add this later, if the future for the game does not hold other general news for our sim babies.

As that cradle is modern looking, and this mod is aimed at historical saves, I did not give that priority - for now :)


The cradles included:

- Bioshock Cradle - this is the default replacement cradle and is suitable for most historical eras.


- TSM Peasant Cradle - a simple cradle, bed of hay and cloth. This should be appropriate for all poor sims of most eras of history.

This cradle can absolutely be used for your sims 4 Nativity Scene :)


- TSM Middle Class Cradle - a nice, comfy and decorated wooden cradle.


- TSM Royal Cradle - a gilded cradle for princes and princesses. These four original cradles from last year have all gotten better textures and now look so much better.


- SDA Castle Cradle - converted from Sims 2, original by Sims Design Avenue. Matching the Castle Nursery Set Part 1 and Part 2.


- SDA Campagne Cradle - converted from Sims 2, original by Sims Design Avenue. I included some more modern looking swatches. I haven't converted the Campagne Nursery Set yet, but that can happen :)



Unzip and place the files in your mods folder.