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Improved Spa Day Tablet

This tuning Mods adds new Interactions & Drink Options to the Spa Day Tablet.

Coffee/Espresso (Only five Big Cups, Small Cups = six )
Coffee (Basegame)
CafeLatte (Get Together EP2)
Macchiato (Get Together EP2)
Mocha (Get Together EP2)
PerfectPreworkShot (Get Together EP2)
Americano (Get Together EP2)
Expresso (Get Together EP2)
Cappuccino (Get Together EP2)

Serve Drinks
Protainshake (Basegame)
SparklingWater (Basegame)
Water (Basegame)
Milk (Basegame)
Orangejuice (Basegame)
FizzyDrink (Spa Day)
CitrusFizz (Backyard Stuff SP8)
Lemonade (Backyard Stuff SP8)
IceTea (Backyard Stuff SP8)
Blue Milk (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Green Milk (Journey to Batuu GP9)

Serve Tea (Only five Big Cups)
Back (Basegame)
Chamomile (Basegame)
EarlGrey (Basegame)
Ginseng (Basegame)
Green (Basegame)
LemonHoneyGinger (Spa Day GP2)
YerbaMate (Junge A. GP6)
Bee Tea (Seasons EP5)
Moogan Tea (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Orange Blossom (My Wedding Stories GP11)
Black Dragon (My Wedding Stories GP11)

Serve Liquor
Amygdelight (Basegame)
BoilerRoom (Basegame)
Bridgeport (Basegame)
BuffaloWing (Basegame)
CupidJuice (Basegame)
DarkAndStormy (Basegame)
FlamingDrSalt (Basegame)
GrannySmash (Basegame)
HotAndSmoky (Basegame)
Metropolitan (Basegame)
MumAndCola (Basegame)
ProseAndPop (Basegame)
PuckerPunch (Basegame)
Purgatory (Basegame)
SaltyLlama (Basegame)
ScootsAndSoda (Basegame)
SeaOfFire (Basegame)
SeaSplash (Basegame)
SilentFilm (Basegame)
SunsetValley (Basegame)
TartAndTonic (Basegame)
Vigorator (Basegame)
Wrench (Basegame)
ZebraFizz (Basegame)
Wutaheftabir (Get Together EP2)
RootbeerFloat (Get Together EP2)
EAPA (Get Together EP2)
CreamCola (Get Together EP2)
Barley Bale (Get Together EP2)
SoftShadowAvornalino (Dine Out GP3)
GraniteFallsGrappoBlanco (Dine Out GP3)
VonHauntEstateMeloire (Dine Out GP3)
MonteVistaReserveRenoit (Dine Out GP3)
HouseWhite (Dine Out GP3)
HouseRed (Dine Out GP3)
RiverblossomCranerletNuala (Dine Out GP3)
VampireSunlightReversalCocktail (Vampire GP4)
VampireResistanceCocktail (Vampire GP4)
PlasmaJane (Vampire GP4)
FuturisticPunch (Luxury Party SP1)
FruitPunch (Luxury Party SP1)
Cider (Luxury Party SP1)
PartyExtender (Luxury Party SP1)
McDillian (Vintage Glamour SP9)
OldYorkfield (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Simadder (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Bacciform (Vintage Glamour SP9)
BlackFern (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Horchata (Junge A. GP6)
EspumaAgria (Junge A. GP6)
Bespin Fizz (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Black Spire Brew (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Blurrgfire (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Carbon Freeze (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Dagobah Slug Slinger (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Fuzzy Tauntaun (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Jet Juice (Journey to Batuu GP9)
Sparkling Juice (My Wedding Stories GP11)

Nectar, all (Horse Ranch)

Bubble Tea (Highschool Years EP 12)
Lychee Milk Bubble Tea
Mango Milk Bubble Tea
Taro Milk Bubble Tea
Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea with Cheese Foam
Strawberry Matcha Latte Bubble Tea

New Interactions

Invite for a Drink – Call up to six Sims over to grab a Drink

Grab a Drink together – Call up to five Sims over to grab a Drink together

Empty – Let’s you quickly clean the Tablet

All Interactions are compatible to work with Basemental’s Drunk System. If you use the Basemental Drugs Mod your Sims will now get Drunk when drinking alcoholic Drinks.

Optional Addon

  • No Free Drinks will add costs for the Drinks
  • Spa Day Tablet putable into the Sims Inventory



  • English (default)
  • German by me
  • Polish by Pawlq
  • Spanish by efsamos4
  • Russian by maclay
  • French by lorraine5530
  • Swedish by littleastronautblr
  • Japanese by maru dada
  • Chinese & Simplified Chinese by Licer
  • Portuguese by meldrin
  • Finnish by MaijaEllen


Mod Support available via my Discord: