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Spellbook Injector Mod by r3m/Simsonian Library needed!

In Addition to my Improved Practical Spells Mod: 

New Spell Upgradios 

Spellbook Injector Mod by r3m/Simsonian Library needed for these!

  • Upgradios (Requires Rank Adept)
    Upgrade any Object with just a wave of your Hand

Extra Support for the BlandCo Contemporary Crib: Upgradios can be used three times on the BlandCo Contemporary Crib. First time adds Birds Mobile, second time changes Birds to Space Mobile, third time changes Crib to Toddler Bed

Optional Addons:

  • No Eco Upgrades
    Addon which prevent Eco Upgrades “FuelCell” with Upgradios Spell
  • No Autonomous
    Prevents Sims to do the Spell on their own

I recommend to use my "Buy Spells and Potions Tomes via PC" Mod to buy the Tome and read it to learn the Spell.

English (default)
German by me
Japanese by maru dada
French by Lorraine3055
Italian by zomboide
Polish by Osqar  
Russian by julietssword
Spanish by alainbardelas
Chinese & Simplified Chinese by Licer
Portuguese by Theuso
Dutch by Angel2Evil


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