hepandeerus - Purple & Blue Build Buy UI 🛠️ (READ DESC)

Please only use this link if the Patreon links are broken. CurseForge/Overwolf uses modders work to fund the IDF. They are disgusting.

Patreon link for this mod: https://www.patreon.com/posts/purple-blue-buy-81262367


This Mod can only be downloaded via the Curseforge Website, curseforge.com/sims4/mods/hepandeerus-build-buy-ui-purple-blue-reskin

This Mod is tricky to download so please go check out this quick guide on my Tumblr, hepandeerus.tumblr.com/guide

⭐I have a Patreon now! Consider becoming a member, patreon.com/hepandeerus

Send Bug Reports via DM to twitter.com/hepandeerus, and leave a follow while you’re there 💕

PS This mod is unlikely to break your UI with patches unless the Sims team adds new Build/Buy

categories or re-organizes the UI images. Thanks to Dskecht for making the UI Mode compatible versions!