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EQUIREMENTS: Realm of Magic


I've renamed all of the potions and spells from Realm of Magic to be those from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

This is a replacer:
• Glimmerstone (renamed to Portkey)
• Spell names (renamed to Harry Potter spells)
• Potion names (renamed to Harry Potter potions)
• Spell/Potion Tome names (to match the above changes)

The .zip file contains:
HP Spells.package
HP Potions.package
HP Potion Tomes.package
HP Portkey (Glimmerstone replacer).package
HP - Tomes.package

These are seperate in my download file - so if you wish to have the spells changed but not the potions, please just delete the "HP Potions.package" and "HP Potion Tomes.package".
Similarly; if you don't wish for the Glimmerstone to be renamed Portkey, but want everything else, please delete the "HP Portkey (Glimmerstone replacer).package"

The spellbook will display all new names for each spell and potion.
I tried to tie up the RoM spells/potions for an equivalent from Harry Potter, though some were much more difficult than others. Some spells do not exist within Harry Potter, and I've had to take another spell and add a description to make it match better, or just leave it mostly as it is.

I couldn't think of new descriptions for some so I left them as they are.
Also the descriptions for the spell/potion tomes are left the same - so you know what in game effect it has. Everything else is altered.



Practical Magic Mischief Magic Untamed Magic Potions Other
Repairio → Reparo Despairio → Dementor Inferniate → Incendio Good Fortune → Felix Felicis Glimmerstone → Portkey
Scruberoo → Tergeo Deliriate → Confundo ZipZap → Lightning Bolt Charm    Plentiful Needs → Wiggenwed Potion  
Delicioso → Food Charm Furio → Oppugno Necrocall → Charm Skeleton Nausea → Confusing Concoction  
Floralorial → Episkey Infatuate → Entrancing Charm    Chillio → Glacius Nimble Mind → Baruffio's Brain Elixir  
Transportalate → Apparate Burgliate → Accio Minionize → Imperio Magical Aura → Brewed Glory  
Copypasto → Geminio Morphiate → Transform Dedeathify → Resurrect Alluring Aura → Beautification Potion  
Herbio → Herbivicus Strangeify → Furnunculus

Decursify → Finite Incantatem 
(updated post-screenshots)

Emotional Stability → Calming Draught  
Homewardial → Use Portkey   Duplicato → Clone Perk Purging → Forgetfulness Potion  

Rite of Ascension → Yer a wizard!
(description updated post-screenshots)   

    Forced Friendship → Gregory's Unctuous Unction     
      Masterful Insults → Hate Potion  
      Rejuvination → Magi-Me-More  
      Curse Cleansing → Antidote  
      Immortality → Elixir of Life  
      Transcendendent Charmer → Cupid Crystals  
      Prompt Resurrection → Regeneration Potion


Credit: Harry Potter - JK Rowling (I do not own anything related to the Harry Potter franchise)