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Give a Gift & More (If you have Seasons you don’t need this.)

You can give anyone you have met a Gift, even NPCs.

You can choose from the following Objects which have to be inside your Inventory:

Gifts for Toddler:

Changed Animation were Toddlers are involved to Hugging instead of the “Gift giving” Animation to prevent stretching of Toddler.

  • Picture Books
  • Toys

Gifts for Children:

Same as Toddler plus

  • Books (Children, Fantasy, Non Fiction, Poems, SciFi, Short Stories, Supernatural, Skills)
  • Earbuds
  • Art (Paintings, Woodwork, Photographs)
  • Activity Table Drawing
  • Child Violin
  • Clay
  • Monstercards
  • Collectibles (Metal, Crystal, Element, Fossil, Alien, My Sims, Snowglobes, Space Prints, Slide, Postcards, Space Rock, Fish, Frog)
  • Fruits
  • Journal
  • Portable Keyboard

Gifts for Teens and older:

Same as Toddler & Children plus

  • Books (Romance, Mystery Thriller, Biography, Screen Play, Emotional)
  • Flowers
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Portable DJ Booth

Giving or Receiving a Gift will give your Sims a Happy Buff. It will also increase your Friendship and Romance (Required Romantic Relationship: Married, Significant_Other, Engaged, Getting Married, Lovers, Lovebirds)


Take a Gift & Take Gifts together


You’ll find two new Options on both Gift Boxes of the Holiday Celebration Pack:

You can “Take a Gift” or “Take Gifts together”. “Take Gifts together” will pop up a Picker Menu where you can choose Sims who will then come and take a Gift.

These Gifts can be found in their Inventories. Your Sims can open these Gifts within their Inventory or from the World.

NPCs will get a Buff which will let them open their Gifts autonomously (it may take a moment for them to do so).


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