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📌 Info & Description

This mod is a set of functional base game compatible brooms with converted custom animations that your Teen to Elder sims can use to sweep their house, and you do not need Bust the Dust (BtD) to use this mod! I made two sets of interactions, one set is for BtD and the other BG, and the script that is included will check if you have the pack installed or not and apply the right interactions based on that.

  • BtD Owners: For those of you who own BtD, the brooms work similar to the vacuums and the interactions appear in the same spots. You will be able to clean the same objects/areas as you could with the upright/standing vacuum, and the interaction lengths are the same as the vacuum, other than the dust bunnies. For the dust bunnies, the interaction length is slightly longer than the vacuum's and dust bunnies do not acknowledge the broom. This may or may not change in the future. One of the vacuum specific moodlets has been cloned to show and mention sweeping instead.
  • BG Owners (aka not owning BtD): You have 3 interactions to use around the house, make sure you are standing inside the house to see them. The first is on the broom itself called "Sweep Around", once selected it allows your sim to randomly choose a nearby area to sweep. The second is on the floor itself called "Sweep Here", this allows you to control where the sim sweeps. The last one is just "Sweep" that appears on floor objects that can be cleaned (trash, poop, puddles, etc.), and once the interaction finishes the objects they were sweeping at, or nearby in the case of the other interactions, will disappear. There is a moodlet included as well.


  • Maids/Butlers/Bonehilda/Servants from Royalty Mod: All of these sims can now sweep with the broom, though Bonehilda has to be given a broom just like with vacuums. There are also 4 cheats for them, accessed under the "Broom Cheats" menu after Shift-Clicking. You can "Disable/Enable" sweeping or vacuuming on them to keep them from using those items, and you can also choose "Replace Broom" or "Replace Vacuum" to give them a new one.


Please note that you cannot sweep outside, just like the vacuums, but unlike vacuums my interactions are available on porches and you can direct sims inside to sweep.

Historical players: I also made an optional override for the Perfectionist Zeal buff icon and string that show/mention a vacuum. It is not needed for the broom to function, it's purely optional.


📌 Broom Choices

I made three brooms for this mod that come in several colors, all originally by EA but modified for this mod. All three are base game compatible, Off the Grid, and can be found in "Misc Appliances" and "Off the Grid Misc", or by searching for "Broom" or my name (including "Mizzie"). These objects can be swiped/stolen if sims have that trait or spell, and can be found in dumpsters. When placing the brooms keep in mind that they must go on the wall, and they can also go into your inventory.

  • Medieval Broom - (Shown in the middle) Costs 100 simoleons; From The Sims Medieval and what originally inspired this project. This one is meant to clean slightly less efficient than the other two.
  • Modern Wooden Broom - (Brown broom on the left) Costs 160 simoleons; Originally from Laundry Day, split and adjusted for animation purposes.
  • Classic Wood Broom - (White and purple on the right) Costs 160 simoleons; Originally from Realm of Magic, adjusted for animation purposes.


📌 Future Updates

In a (faraway) future update I will be adding kids support, the ability to break and repair the brooms, and create brooms on the woodworking table (and possibly other stuff). If you have other ideas please give them to me in the Discord server (preferred place), Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or here.


📌 Installing & Requirements

  • Base game compatible but works with Bust the Dust.
  • Does not conflict with anything and does not contribute to the script limit.
  • When installing please keep the package and ts4script together, and make sure they are in your main mods folder or only one sub-folder deep.
  • Clear your localthumbcache before starting your game.
  • By downloading you are agreeing to my TOU (which is basically don't be a jerk).
  • The MizoreYukii_HistoryOverride_PerfectionistZealBuff is an optional override for historical players who own BtD, it is not needed for the broom to function. All it does is override the Perfectionist Zeal buff icon and string that show/mention a vacuum.


📌 Uninstalling

To uninstall delete the package and ts4script from your folder. And as always, clear your localthumbcache after doing so.


📌 Translations

French by Nat02

Italian by Isy

Polish by Anulay

Spanish by cindysimspr (incomplete from latest update)

Or Spanish by Laura (incomplete from latest update)


📌 Credits & Thanks

Seriously, without these people I likely would have abandoned this project, and some features would not be possible without them. 

A million thanks: To thepancake1 and Pandasama for cheering me on and helping me investigate the insane issues I encountered, Lot51 for helping me with the script and his TDESC tool, and Ravasheen for her help with the slotting and other issues.

To Triplis for his pack testing script he shared to the community, Scumbumbo for his tag script and tools, and LeRoi and Frankk for constantly answering my script questions (and Frankk's awesome STBL Editor).

To Denton47 for his Sound Tool, the Sims4Studio team for S4S, the Blender team, and EA for making The Sims Medieval and the original broom mesh and animations.

And lastly, to all of my extremely patient patrons and followers for their support! ❤️


📌 CC Creators

If you want to make custom brooms/recolors to be used with my mod, then all you need to do is pick a broom to clone. Note that the medieval broom is "lower quality" for cleaning and the modern ones are better, so keep that in mind when choosing. The "Classic Wood Broom" is also a bit finnicky for some reason, so I recommend cloning the other broom if you are touching the mesh. And finally, do NOT include my tuning/brooms/scripts in your download, you must refer downloaders to this post. Tag me if you make any recolors/new brooms!


If you happen to experience issues, please go to my Discord and post about your problem in the #support channel.