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Functional animated Warmer for baby bottles:

  • Colors - 5 (4 Realistic, 1 Maxis Match )  
  • SP03 "Cool Kitchen" Stuff pack
  • Find  in the small appliances section in the Kitchen

How it works:

  • 👉Install the object on any counter 
  • 👉Press the "Warm up the bottle" menu 
  • 👉Select the desired drink

The process of heating the bottle is animated by sounds and visual effects

When the bottle is ready, you will receive a text notification that it has been placed in the Sim's luggage

  • 👉It remains only to give the drink to the baby

Drinks for babies:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Milk Formula
  • Teas (3 types):

-chamomile (intensively removes negative buffs from the baby, gives a motive for going to bed) - useful if you want to put the toddler to bed as soon as possible

-with fennel (moderately removes negative buffs from the baby, gives a small motive to sleep) - useful to calm a moody baby

-with rosehip (slightly removes negative buffs from the baby)

  • 🌟 All drinks give a slight warming effect

Infant Formula Powder:

  • Color - 3

🌟 The tin with the powder opens and gives a "Powdered Infant Formula", which can be used as an ingredient for making a bottle of milk

Tins Of Baby Tea:

  • Options - 3

🌟 The tins open and give "Bowls with tea leaves", which can be used as ingredients for making tea bottles


🌟 Products can be bought in the new menu of the Cookbook or through the delivery of Realistic Cooking Mod


âť—Cookbook S&S 

âť—Sims 4 Stuff Pack SP03 "Cool kitchen" (for warmer)


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