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This mod requires the Cottage Living EP.


Let your farm friends roam free-i-e-i-o with Free-Range! Cows and Llamas are finally separated from their Animal Shelter and can roam around like Chickens and Rabbits.

Special thanks to Ravasheen for creating a new UFO object. Plus thanks to thepancake1 and PandaSama for helping with animations.

Included in this mod are two invisible markers to designate your own shelter like a barn or pen, and a grazing area for grass feed to grow. During the day your farm friends will roam outside and feed on the grass. Once the sun goes down they’ll hang out together near the shelter marker. If you have Seasons installed, they will also huddle inside during severe rain or snow.

Getting Started

Look for the Livestock Shelter Marker and the Grazing Marker in the Outdoor Activities category to designate the two hang out areas for your animals. Once you go back into Live mode the markers will disappear.

To adopt new farm friends, click on the ground in the area you designated as your Livestock Shelter. You can find the Appaloosa Plains Ranch & Stables market, open daily from 6am to 8pm, with a daily selection of Cows and Llamas at various price points depending on their age. A small selection of animal treats will rotate daily as well.

If you already have an existing Cow or Llama assigned to an EA animal shelter. You can convert them to a free-range animal by selecting “Allow to Roam Free” in the Actions menu. This is an irreversible action.




Cows and Llamas require the same care they required before, however they’ll start to make a big mess. Cow pies, trash piles, mud puddles (Seasons required) will need to be raked up daily, and will multiply more rapidly if the animals themselves stay dirty. Use the Clean Livestock Shelter option by clicking on the ground to have your Sim cleanup everything they can find.

You may find your Cows to be a bit gassy. If you have Eco Lifestyle, the daily dose of methane will push your lot towards an Industrial footprint.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Be on the lookout around your Grazing Marker when it rains (Seasons required), or during a full moon. Wild Mushrooms will grow that you can harvest and use for ingredients. If you’re lucky you might even see a fairy ring grow!

Stay Vigilant

There have been stories of strange phenomena occurring near dairy farms in the Appaloosa Plains for decades, even theories of genetic testing to gain control of the Sim’s mind! Is it just a myth, or is the Ministry of Central Intelligence hiding something?

Get to Work Required


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Rotates the available stock in the Appaloosa Ranch & Stables Market that normally only rotates every 24 hours.