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First Love

This was actually not something that i would need in my Game but i was curious how this could work out so i did this Mod anyway. But i will not add something bigger to it like special Date Events or so ;P

When Children have a high build up Friendship (mind. value 75) they’ll find a new Pie Menu on their Target called “First Love”.

There they have the first new Interaction:

  • Confess to have a Crush (one Time Interaction)

If the Interaction is successful you’ll get a new Relationship with your Crush called “First Crush”

Being near your Crush will give you a special Buff which will slowly build up a hidden Relationship Progress  every 30 minutes.

In the “First Love” Pie Menu two new Interactions will be available:

  • Exchange Numbers (one Time Interaction)
  • Hug
  • Visit Crush (If you have my Social Activities Mod)

Both Interactions will gain hidden Relationship Progress.

Exchanging Numbers with your Crush will also unlock two new Phone Interactions:

  • Call Crush
  • Text Crush

Both Phone Interactions will also gain a small Relationship Progress.

With the growing Progress you’ll unlock a new Interaction which will be announced (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Monkey around

This will gain Relationship Progress with your Crush.

With the growing Progress you’ll unlock a new Interaction which will be announced (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Stargazing (only workable for Outdoor Retreat DLC Owner, sry did not see that when doing this)

Stargazing with your Crush will gain Relationship Progress.

When your hidden Relationship Progress is high enough you’ll get the last Interaction unlocked (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Asking your Crush to be your Boyfriend/Girlfriend will turn your “First Crush” Relationship into a new Relationship called “First Love” if successful.

With that new Relationship a new Interaction will be available:

  • Ask to be just Friends

This Interaction will delete all hidden Relationship Progress and the “First Love” Relationship itself.

Aging up to Teens

If one of both Children ages up to Teens a hidden Countdown of 7 Days starts.

Within these 7 Days the only Option between both Sims available in the “First Love” Pie Menu is “Ask to be just Friends”.

If both Sims age up to Teens and meet up within the 7 Days they’ll get a hidden Broadcaster which adds them a Romance Relationship Track of 50 and the Relationship “Sign. Other”!

If they don’t age up when the Countdown runs out they’ll keep the “First Love” Relationship but no special Interactions will be available and if they want to stay in a Relationship when both are aged up as Teens later they will have to start from scratch.

Some things answered before it gets asks ;)

There are some Interaction that would have fit perfectly here for example

  • Kiss Cheek
  • Hold Hands

Unfortunaley those are not animated for Kids. So i will not add then to prevent the awkward stretching.

Mod Settings

Added Likes Girls, Likes Boys, Likes both Interactions, which affect when the First Love Interactions will show up.


Optional Addons

Hide Interactions
Addon which hides the Mod Settings “Likes…” Interactions behind the “Shift Click” Ingame

2x Faster Relationship Progress
Makes the Crush  Relationship Progress  2x faster

4x Faster Relationship Progress
Makes the Crush  Relationship Progress  4x faster

You can only install one Faster Progress Addon!


English (default)
Danish (by Sighubert/ Misling),
Japanese (by maru dada)
Portuguese (by Ana Carolina/guedesrs)
Italian (by Rory, Rahl81),
Finnish (by Satu-Maria/MaijaEllen)
French (by Loic/ Seyjin),
Swedish (by Giakou)
Russian by (Neko Amiko)
Polish by Seijatachi
Chinese by (ooyd/ Soulkiller/ Licer)   
Dutch by Azqwerty/ Angel2Evil
Czech by Xeria/SimsCzechTeam
Chinese simplified by MuMu
Spanish by ChofisAquino
Simplified Chinese by Licer


Mod Support available via my Discord: