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A set of objects for easy access of my custom foods. This is a REQUIRED framework for my custom food and drinks

The set conatins – 

1. A cooking Tablet

2. Wall Spice rack

3. Pile of Books

4. Pots and Pans

Will add more objects later!

Object Details 

  • Object Names – Cooking Tablet. FIS , Wall Spice Shelf. FIS, Pile of Cookbooks. FIS, Cooking Utensils. FIS
  • Search by ‘FIS’ ( without quotes)
  • Object Location – Small Appliances
  • Can be dragged into sim’s inventory and university chest
  • Interactions – Conatins all the custom foodand drink  interactions
  1. Cook Custom Meal
  2. Make Custom Gourmet Food
  3. Bake Custom Food
  4. Grab food for Toddler
  5. Grab Custom Snack
  6. Vampire Friendly Food
  7. Grab Custom Drinks from Fridge
  8. Grabs Custom Alcoholic beverage from fridge
  9. Make Custom Bar Drinks , Custom Coctails, Custom Mocktails – Requires Professional Bar on the lot
  10. Make Custom Grand meal interaction 
  11. Make Chilled desserts
  12. Prepare Drinks




  • Will require Fridge and stove for cooking
  • When you click on the interactions, a recipe picker menu opens up from where you can choose what to make from a list of recipes.
  • All required files are included
  • Will NOT require custom food interaction script
  • Requires the Food and drink to be downloaded separately


Interactions also available from stove, fridge, professional bar.



DLC Requirement : Base Game
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
PolyCount : 
Cooking Tablet – High :80v/110p; Med :48v/54p
Wall Spice Rack – High :836v/450p; Med :576v/300p
Pile of CookBooks – High :241v/185p; Med :181v/125p
Cooking Utensils – High :524v/428p; Med :418v/287p
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