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Make sure you visit the 'RELATIONS' tab above and install any Required files. If you don't, this content will not function properly! 


This includes recipes for various items, like wood planks and nails, that can be crafted on the woodworking table. The ingredients themselves are included in the Core Mod but can only be crafted if you have this recipe installed. Crafting these supplies can take a while but once your sim has completed them you will get multiple ingredients instead of just one. 





🪚 Product
Wood Plank 
💵 Purchase From
Brazen Delivery Service:  Skye's Supplies
📄 Optional Ingredientsㅤㅤㅤ
Wood Log
Any Metal
Any Common Metal
🏅 Skill Needed
Woodworking Level 1
💡 Features
Ingredients Optional
Functional Object


- Any separate custom recipe ingredients are linked in the RELATIONS tab above
- Ingredient types marked with an (*) are EA ingredient types and compatible with EA recipes
- 'Any' ingredient types (ex. 'Any Cowplant Milk') are ONLY compatible with my recipes and mods unless otherwise stated
How do I install this?
If you're not using the CurseForge app then install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.
Do NOT put any ts4script files more than one folder deep.
Will this work with other mods?
If there are any resources that might conflict with other mods they are listed in the 'File Info' section of the Pages tab.
I'm having issues with this content, what should I do? 
Please post any issues you're having in the Bug Reports section on my Discord. You can get help with troubleshooting or report the problem there so I can take a look at it.