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This is a recipe that will allow your sim to create a 'Coffee Drying Rack' from the Brazen Homestead Craftbooks or from the Preserving Shelves. Once created, that rack can be dried on the Preserving Shelves or outside on a hot day. Coffee Beans can be collected at four different drying stages before it spoils; Light, Medium, Dark, and Espresso. The collected coffee beans can then be used at the mill to make coffee tins for coffee drinks. 




These baskets of dried coffee beans can be used as an ingredient in other crafting recipes. To obtain this ingredient... 
1.) You can purchase it from a shop using my 'Brazen Delivery' service via your sims phone
2.) You can craft it from the Brazen Homestead Craftbooks or the Preserving Shelf by...
     - Paying simoleons
     - Using ingredients and significantly reducing the crafting cost
     - Using ingredients at no cost with the Simple Living lot trait
They can be crafted by preparing a coffee drying rack and then drying it on a preserving shelf or outside in the sun. In the right environment the coffee beans will begin to dry. Your sim will be able to collect a basket of dried coffee beans from the rack as long as they're not fresh or spoiled. Which type of coffee beans you get is based on when you collect them from the rack.
These baskets will last for a very long time but they will spoil eventually. They keep fresh longer if you store it on a surface in a cellar underground.
Preparing to Dry:
Click on the Preserving Shelves or the Brazen Homestead Cookbook to find the 'Curing & Preserving' menu. From here you can choose which item you want to prepare. 



Your sim will then grab their ingredients from the fridge and start preparing that item the nearest counter. You will end up with a freshly prepared Coffee Drying Rack that can now be dried!


Start Drying:
Drying Racks will not dry on their own and need to be placed in the proper environment for the drying process to start.
  • Drag and drop the Rack on the Preserving Shelves. 
  • Drag and drop the Rack outside in the sun. Remember that rain will spoil the batch!
Prepared Racks cannot be stored in an inventory at the moment or they will randomly spoil. If I'm able to find a fix for this I will update it. Until then the only way to move racks for now is by live dragging them.
Dry Times:
When on a preserving shelf items will dry at the approximate rates:
2 days = Light Coffee Beans
4 days = Medium Coffee Beans
6 days = Dark Coffee Beans
8 days = Espresso Coffee Beans
10 days = Spoiled


Other Info about Drying: 
  • If placed outside while it's hot items will dry much faster.
  • If it rains and your item is outside it will spoil.
  • Hovering over a rack will tell you whether or not it's drying and what stage of drying it's in.
  • Racks can still spoil over a period time whether dried or not. If the item is within a few weeks of spoiling, a countdown timer will show when you hover over it. Otherwise it will spoil if it's been drying for too long.




Collecting Dried Items: 
When the item has reached a new stage of drying the items on the rack will change color. If you're unsure what stage it's at you can hover over it and it will tell you what you will be able to collect from it.
Collecting the item will give you a basket of dried coffee beans which can be used to make other recipes. You will also have a chance to get your drying rack back after collecting the dried coffee beans but it may break and give you a wood plank and wire instead. If you don't have the Curing & Drying Rack woodworking recipe installed then you will always get a wood plank and wire.


These baskets take very long to spoil, around 32 sim days, and they will last much longer if stored in the cellar.   



🥣  Servings
Basket of Dried Coffee Beans
💵  Purchase From
Brazen Delivery Service: Artisanal Fare by Athena
📄  Optional Ingredients
📝  Simple Living Ingredientsㅤㅤ
🏅  Skill Needed
💡  Features
Works Off-the-Grid
Compatible with Simple Living
Ingredients Optional
Inedible Ingredient
⏰  Drying Times & Stages
2 days = Light Coffee Beans
4 days = Medium Coffee Beans
6 days = Dark Coffee Beans
8 days = Espresso Coffee Beans
10 days = Spoiled
🍯  Ingredient Type
Dried Coffee Beans


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