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Another pack icon replacement mod

After years of looking at the lifeless rebranded icons, I finally managed to finish this mod. A year ago, I updated some of the newer pack icons for the Clean UI mod, but I started to like the new menu, so I thought, why not make this a whole thing of its own? I and some others on the Sims forums make these classic covers for each new Sims pack, so I wanted to match it up while also trying to bring back the old icons with some fixes (not that noticeable for those who don't care lol)

I did fix some inconsistencies, such as the Batuu and Snowy Escape icons being inverted, etc.
The icons show up as grey, just like before the rebrand, if unowned, and the Gallery icons have the same nice shadow.

All the icons are redone (once again, you probably won't notice it *eye twitch*)

This will conflict with any other pack icon replacement mods and the Clean UI mod by TwistedMexi
This does not require any DLC. It's just a texture replacement, meaning it should not break.
Will be updated as more packs come out

simmytime for kindly helping me find icons for each use
DigitalGraffiti for their super awesome vectorized versions of the icons up until the Dessert Luxe kit
YBNS2468 for color choices for Discover University, Eco Lifestyle, Snowy Escape, and High School Years and for starting my obsession with everything pre-rebrand related from DVD covers to Logos