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Calendar Tweaks

With Highschool Years EA added Exam/Prom as forced Calendar Events which happen each Friday/Saturday. When you play longer Lifespans having Exam/Prom each Week can be a bit annoying. So i tried to find a way to prevent that without having to make a messy Exam/Prom Clone Event. This Mod is the result. Please read the Description carefully!

(Requires Seasons & Highschool Years)


How the Mod works:

On default all forced Exam/Prom Calendar Events are disabled until you “allow” them to be added. Be aware already added Exam/Prom Calendar Events will not be deleted!

To allow Exam/Prom to be added by the Game, you have to click on the new Interactions you can find on Teen Homework Books under the “Calendar Tweaks” Pie Menu. Since the Game schedules new Events every day, you need to click on “Allow Exam/Prom to be added” after Saturday 11 p.m. and before Sunday 3 a.m. This will allow the Game to add the Exam/Prom Event the next Friday/Saturday. After the Exam/Prom Event is added to the Calendar, disallow them again, so the Game does not add them the following week!

Both Exam & Prom can be allowed seperatly.

I might add support for more forced events in the future if the interest is there.




Optional Addon:

Hide Interactions
This hides the Interactions in the Shift Click Cheat Menu. The Book must be on a surface to be able to shift click it.


Known Issues:

I tried to test it as good as possible and played several ingame weeks to make sure there are no issues. One thing that will cause issues is, if you use Mods that change the time when Exam/Prom will happen. For example if you use a Mod that change Prom to Sundays, it will most likely not work with my Mod. There also seems to be an EA Bug going on atm, where Prom does not start, and a Bug where Sims stand up instead of doing their Exam, which have nothing to do with the Mod.



  • English (default)
  • Italian by Patrick[Mylar90]
  • Russian by Jane_Moriarty
  • Portuguese by meldrin


Mod Support available via my Discord: