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Better Exceptions takes the three types of game errors - Exceptions, UI Exceptions, and CAS CC Glitches, and vastly improves them by adding automatic tracking that in most cases can tell you exactly which mod file was responsible for the exception.

Game and UI Exceptions are both automatically reported in real-time when the exception occurs.
You can use the Outfit CC tracker by turning on testingcheats, shift+clicking the glitched sim, and selecting the Locate Outfit CC option.
BE will provide a report showing all of the CC files in use on your sim's current outfit, making it easy to update or remove them. 

In the fairly rare event that Better Exceptions couldn't locate the mod responsible, you can use the Help and Resources section of the report to come to our discord where our bots and team members can usually locate the cause for you.
If you need info on Better Exceptions in its entirety, please review this video carefully.