When Spa Day got a refresh, we received nails as an update to the base game and the pack, including a cute natural nail set with 2 transparent swatches.
However, there were many bug reports over this where nail textures were applied on top of many CAS assets.
To fix that, EA released an update where they changed every nail's UV texture layout.
Unfortunately, this change did not take into account transparent textures.
EA moved the nail texture layout on the shoulder/neck space. Which causes a weird "french" tip-ish look to nails that do not have opaque textures.
After, again, reports on the natural nail issue, The Sims team released another patch to fix them, however, they adjusted the swatch colors from natural to hot pink and white...

Please consider clicking Me Too on this bug report, so The Sims team can prioritize the fix: [OPEN] [SD] Nails not natural colors like they were initially

I have gone through many places online to find the first version of Spa Day and went through all Spa Day files to find the original meshes with the correct UV layouts (the natural nails were the only ones that did not need an update in the first place, because of the nail UV being exactly on the nails in the skin texture!)


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