Hello! So happy to share this with you, and so grateful to Simcelebrity00 for an amazing collab 🤍😍🤍🕊️🌹 Click the link to see & download their side of the set 🤍

  • The Sims 4
  • Base-game compatible
  • The dresses come in 20 swatches in whites, black, pastels & darks

The dress sadly has an issue I can't fix, which is that the two biggest versions have a strange, square shadow when the sim is inside (the issue is not present outside):



  • Base-game compatible
  • Hat-compatible
  • Main file: 24 Maxis-match swatches
  • Bonus file: 15 extra swatches
  • The main file is needed for the bonus swatches to work

I hope you like it! 🤍