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Lip-kit is a set of mouth-presets, lip-overlays and mouth-corners for The Sims 4 (*^ヮ^)

Please read the information!



  • All ages and genders
  • Works with any skin color
  • Compatible with all overlay skins, as long as they are not edited specifically to go on top of all skin details
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Hair by Enrique ("After") and top by Yunseol ("Pattern two piece")


Details & How-to:

  • Mouth-presets can be found with the Maxis mouth-presets, or by clicking on the sim's mouth
  • The overlays and mouth-corners can be found in Skin Details
  • The lip-overlays can also help erase mouth-corners from skins (f you choose so with swatch-options)
  • Little tip from me: some lip-overlays look best matched with mouth-corners (*´ᵕ`)
  • Second little tip: the same overlay can look good on one sim, but then strange on another, so it's smart to test different combinations for each sim, or low-opacity swatches



Standalone files:

  • miiko-lip-shape-overlays-01(forehead)
  • miiko-peachy-mouth-corners(forehead)
  • miiko-lip-presets-01

*a standalone doesn't need any other CC to work

The other files are not standalone, they are clones of the forehead-files so you can add the overlays & mouth-corners to more slots. They are dependent on the (forehead)-files to work in game.


Please let me know if there are any issues ♡