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!!! (2023-11-15) *Added blindness options for teens, adults & elders (See .GIF under images)
(2023-06-27) *Included heterochromia options (See images)
(2023-05-03) *Added a non-default option as well as an extra package containing 18 additional new swatches! (See images)

(2023-03-27) *Updated for infants!

I feel like the normal EA eyes are too startling, and they could be so much nicer and more detailed while still keeping that Maxis feel.

Now, there are a lot of fantastic eyes out there, whether you like your sims to look cuter, more realistic, etc. I made these by hand and wanted to keep them very Maxis Match while also adding character to the iris. One tiny detail I added is a blue glow toward the upper left of the iris, which really adds atmosphere.


All Life Stages.

All 18 EA Colors.

No Specular Map, as many people find that annoying.

Custom Swatch Icons! I highly recommend using a mod to remove or change the cc wrench so it doesn't disrupt the whole thing.

 Cats & Dogs Aliens Vampires Mermaids 

Heterochromia & Blindness (One Eye!) Notes:

Not compatible with most bracelets, meaning you can't wear them at the same time! This is because they use the bracelet UV-area.
Find them under the "Eye Scars" category. I did this so it doesn't have to take up a regular skin detail slot.
Clear your localthumbcache if thumbnails are not showing up!