Another month & yet another part of the Coastal Collection is completed. This month I focused on the Bedroom. I've wanted to do a high wing back headboard bed for years and now it has become a reality! Also stepped out of my usual comfort zone and painted on the fibre details to bring the rug to life. I will definately be getting my graphics tablet and pen out more often to work on items like that in the future. Thanks to Felixandre I also discovered the delights of Bing Image creator, got so addicted to creating AI artworkthat I added in a frame to this set to show off some of my favourites! :)


Next month will be the eigth and final part of the Coastal Collection, focusing on the living room. Hopefully we can also fit in a couple of the items that were missed off from the other releases to round off the collection. I've had so much fun creating this large set, but I'll be very happy to finally move onto another concept! YouTube live streams will FINALLY be back on Monday 7th August @ 3:30pm UK time. Didn't expect to be gone for 3 months, but I finally will be back home and settled into my usual routine.


Set Items Include:

  • High Wingback Bed Frame
  • Bed Matress
  • Dressers
  • Bedside Table
  • Lamp
  • Full Height Mirror
  • Ottoman
  • Square Artwork Frame
  • Woven Wool Rug


All items are Base Game Compatible and can be found by searching COASTAL in the build/buy catalogue search bar.