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The Coastal Collection - Part SIx


Happy July Everyone!!

I've been keeping this set quiet this month, but livestreams will resume in a week for the next instalment of the Coastal Collection. This month I focused on the items required for a bathroom. I did make a rather cool discovery this month that you can add on a wall decor slot onto an item to make wall decor items slot. You'll see in the image above that I've actually slotted on the hand towel that came with the Growing Together EP onto the side of the vanity. As far as I can tell all hand towels in the game slot in place, however sometimes not quite how you would expect as not all towels are centred on their wall fixes, but rather centred on the item overall. Of course its one of those nuggets of info you knew earlier, so all of my content would snap perfectly, but alas for some you will just have to shimmy into place with good old MOO!

Set includes:

  • Toilet
  • Sink - Left
  • Sink - Right
  • Sink Vanity Table (2 tile)
  • Sink Vanity Drawer (1 tile)
  • Bathtub
  • Shower (Requires Discover University EP)
  • Landscape Mirror
  • Portrait Mirror


You can find all the items by searching COASTAL in the BB catalogue search bar


All items are Base Game compatible, except for the shower which requires the Discover University EP to be functional. Unfortunately its an item that can't be made for base game as the required animations are pack dependant.