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Hi everyone, today I am very excited to share with you my new CC PACK called "Fancy Dining" which is part of the STYLISH-WOOD collection.



This time I would like to tell you about Richard and Vanessa. Vanessa works as a travel agent so she knows the world perfectly, hence her passion for good taste in decoration. Richard on the other hand comes from a family that used to take him to spend summers in a cottage north of Glimmerbrook, hence his passion for wood finishes. Together they decorated their home in a modern and elegant style.

Richard, and Julia (our protagonist from the last collection) are childhood friends, so you can understand why they have the same taste for wood finishes.



Something I also wanted to do in this collection was to create a modular furniture system so you can create whatever you want. 

By the way, many thanks to all my Patrons who helped me decide if the furniture should be hidden along with the walls. 😊


In this collection I also tried to create elements that could be versatile, it comes with 4 table versions and 4 seating designs - perfect for creating many dining room combinations!

I had the opportunity to create a new high bar table design, personally I really like these tall bar tables, I wish we had more designs for the base game.



And finally, along with many other objects that you surely already noticed in the pictures, I would like to highlight the beautiful fireplace I created to complement the look of this collection, available in many colors.



I hope you like this new collection as much as I do.



  • Comfort: 4 Dining Chairs, 1 Bar Chair (Stool)
  • Decorative: Bowls, Cake Pans, Dinnerware, Candles, Jug, Wall Mirrors, Plant with Books, Plates, Trays, Centerpiece 
  • Lighting: Ceiling lamps (3 sizes), Fireplace
  • Storage: 2 Hutch
  • Surface: Dining Bar Table (requieres Cottage Living EP), 3 Dining Tables, Modular Storage System (10 pieces)


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You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC", "Stylish Wood" or "Fancy Dining" in the search bar in the catalog.