I am very happy to present to you my new cc pack!

This collection named "Small Spaces" is going to be a series (not consecutive) of cc packs focused on some spaces in the house that maybe don't get the love they deserve. This time is all about Pantries.

As many of you are, I am also very excited for the upcoming Expansion Pack "Cottage Living". That's why I wanted to create a design that matches the aesthetic, and could also work as an addon for my Kessler Kitchen.

And of course, this new pantry shelfs come in a variety of colors, including yellow and pink that some people have asked me about for my upcoming cc.

This model was a request by my friend Luddy Simmer and is inspired by one of the Pantry shelfs that come in The Sims Mobile. (BTW Thank you my friend for the illustration of your Simself for the cereal cover!)

Also I would like to tell you that I think this cc pack is very versatile, for example, what about a wizard Pantry?



  • Base game compatible
  • 46 new items
  • 3 Pantry Shelf Designs
  • Brand new Barn Door!
  • Cart (Requieres Vintage Glamour SP)
  • Pantry clutter!


TIP: You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC" or "Small Spaces Pantry" in the search bar in the catalog.


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