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The very first ladders cc for The Sims 4, all functional ! 

I made three versions: one very classic and one more sophisticated, with blending textures so maxis-match users can use them too. The third model is much more alpha looking, so it’s your choice if you’ll like it or not. I also added some guardrails separate items for the three wall heights to make them a little more safe and add realism.



  • Includes 9 items (3 functional ladders, 6 guardrails decorations)
  • Classic ladder has 16 swatches, with wooden, concrete and solid color options.
  • Industrial ladder has 16 swatches with metal and wooden combinations.
  • Pipe ladder has 8 swatches, all metal.
  • Everything is lowpoly.
  • Everything is basegame compatible



This is a release of an early access that was available on my patreon. 

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