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Welcome to the last part of Woodland Ranch collection, the living room! It has been made to get a very warm and cozy look, but you can explore more styles with those different sofas and color swatches ! Speaking of colors, this set comes with a plaster wallpaper that will match the fireplace, but also the kitchen counters if you want a seamless look!

I have added special slots on the fireplaces' top part that will allow you to snap some decor items. Ufortunatly, it doesnt work with all paintings from the game, but I have made those 3 new paintings compatible so you can snap them on the fireplaces to decor them if you want!

I am very excited about some textures of this new set, like the hammered look of the coffee table or the rattan of the fruit bowl and I hope you will like them as much as I do!


  • You can find the items by searching for WOODLAND RANCH or Pierisim in game.
  • Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
  • All base game compatible.