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Here comes the MCM Kitchen 😃


It gives you 31 new items, including a lot of matching built-in appliances, accent counters and cabinets pasta jars! It has all the matching wood texture, to make the MCM House as much matching that I can! 


For the appliances, you will find a fridge, a hood, a hob, a stove an oven, a high oven, a dish washer, a washing machine and a dryer. Now more in details : I didnt manage to get the high oven basegame compatible even if the tuning is bg (if I'm right) so I made one using Dream Home Decorator, and another one as a clutter to have it base game even if it's not a playable item. There is a special cabinet for it to cover the high oven. Same for the hood, one version of the two hoods is shorter, to match the cabinets height and make it more seamless, so I've added a shorter cabinet too to cover the hood if you want to! The other cabinet variations are two opened cabinets so you can clutter it inside, and bring more life to your builds! 🤗


For the cabinets, you have two variations : one with two doors, and one with drawers. The one with doors doesnt belong to any appliances, but the one with drawers is made to be used with the built-in appliances so it's seamless and doesnt have the gap from the door under it! But of course you can use it as an accent counter ! 


  • You can find the items by searching for MCM or Pierisim in game.
  • Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
  • All base game compatible, except the functionnal high oven that requires dream home decorator, and the washing machine/dryer that requires Laundry day.