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Here comes to second part of the MCM House, the living room ! 


You will have 23 new items to play around with your living room, with matching wood tones and a new marble texture! This part may include some of my fav items I've made (especially the dinning chair haha) so I hope you gonna like this part and build with it!! It's also has a sparks screen for the fireplace, but little thing about this, I didn't find any way to remove the fact it can start fire, and I'm so so bad at changing tunning or  I don't know what coming too far into code, so be careful, as long as I playtested items it didn't start any fire, but it still can be more dangerous than it should haha! 


  • You can find the items by searching for MCM or Pierisim in game.
  • Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
  •  All base game compatible!