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Pierisim - Domaine du Clos - part 4

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The last part of Domaine du Clos is here : the kitchen ! 

In this country kitchen, you will have : 

  • counters
  • two counters variations
  • island counter
  • cabinets
  • a modular backsplash
  • a modular shelves
  • a stool 
  • field flowers in a vase
  • three variations of chopping board
  • figs on a tray
  • a collection of pots
  • ceiling lamps (three wall heights)
  • a wall lamp

Everyhting comes with the same colours than the previous packs, to make everything match together ! 

Note : the stool has slots on the seating spot, so you can also use it as an accent table! 

I hope you will like this kitchen as much as I enjoyed creating it!



  • You can find the items by searching for Domaine du Clos or Pierisim in game.
  • Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
  • All base game compatible