Pierisim - Domaine du Clos - part 3

Build / Buy
65,544 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2023 Game Version: 1.94.147   +6

Here comes the Domaine du Clos part 3! It will give you 43 new items, including build and buy! This part focuses on the bedroom/bathroom of the Domaine, ideal for your sims to relax during their holidays! 

So, in this set, you will find items like bedframes, bathtube, flowers etc but also new wallpapers, doors and arches to complete the build part, because you know, privacy is important..!


  • You can find the items by searching for Domaine du Clos or Pierisim in game.
  • Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by "texture" in your mod folder :)
  • All base game compatible, except the candles that will require the free kit Holiday Celebration.


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