The Octave Collection is now officially complete. This fourth and final instalment focuses on your home office and bedroom dreams. This month flew past and I am happy that I finally got to create all of the items (well not all, but most of) I had planned. This is my largest set of items to date and I'm really happy with the end result considering what an open ended concept I begun with.

I'm always trying to raise the level of the content I release here each month and this set was no exception. This month I experimented with 3D sculpting for the very first time to create all of the fabric pleats and folds you see in the bedding. The first attempt looked like an old wrinkled face and got scrapped, but the 2nd attempt worked great and became the final texture. I'll be using this new found skill a lot more in the future for a special set I have planned

The are a few special things to note with this set, in particular with the full height modular bookshelves. I have created a system that fits perfectly within the shortest wall height and accompanying extension pieces to extend to the medium and tallest wall heights. I have created slots for the extensions to perfectly snap to, but there is an in game glitch that will delete items that are slotted on to an item that is also slotted onto another item. i.e. the bottom shelf, clutter and extension piece stay, but all of the items slotted onto the extension piece will disappear when you re open the lot. It doesn't happen with every occurrence, so I really can't predict when it will and wont happen, so I advise that if the items do disappear, to instead raise up the extension piece with the TOOL mod instead of slotting to the lower bookshelf and all the clutter you place will remain (FYI the bookshelf is 2.85 high). I will have an overview video out to cover this issue if my ramblings here weren't clear, it should all make sense in the video out later this week.

The items are base game compatible with the exception of the radiators. These should show up and be decorative items if you only own base game, but for full functionality they require the Seasons EP.


Items include:

  • Desk (2 & 3 tile)
  • Office Chair
  • Fabric Acoustic Panel
  • Wood Acoustic Panel
  • Bookshelf (middle, right, left, inner & outer corner)
  • Bookshelf Extension (middle, right, left, inner & outer corner)
  • Bookshelf Double Extension (middle, right, left, inner & outer corner)
  • Wardrobe (open & closed)
  • Double Bed Frame
  • Double Four Poster Bed Frame
  • Double Mattress
  • Light Switch (single & double)
  • Framed Wall Canvas
  • Framed Leaning Canvas
  • Ladder Rail (middle, left and right)
  • Ladder (short & tall)
  • Leather Folding Bench
  • Leather Folding Stool
  • Radiator (short & tall)
  • Side Table


Video Overview