This is a bit of a different set of recolors than I normally do, because the double beds are some of the first CC I made a year ago. The toddler bed is a much more recent make, and the cat planter somewhere in the middle. To me these pieces are a nice way of showing my progression as a creator, and they are too cute to just have sitting on my computer. I also tried something a lil different this time, and only staged the photo with other CC I've made! So if you see something else in the photos you want, its here on curseforge.

Items are:

City Living Double Bed - 3 swatches
Cottage Living Double Bed - 4 swatches
Cat & Dogs Planter - 10 swatches 
Werewolves' Toddler Bed - 12 swatches - 6 different base tones