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as a cc creator you often look back at your old creations and think "yea i could've done that so much better lmao". that's kind of been my mindset for the last couple of months. so i decided to clean up and revive (yet again) some of my older cc collections!
  • meshes have been fixed (some objects didn't even have all lod's or shadowmaps smh) or moderately edited to conform to my current aesthetics
  • textures have been hugely improved along with better color palettes, neater normals and speculars
  • please delete all old files before adding these! they will replace in-game but you cannot have the old versions and the new versions installed at the same time.
liselotte includes 6 items. the original 2020 version is still available if you prefer that instead. not a lot has been changed except for minor edits to the folded towels and a mesh replacement of the toothbrushes. also i've left out the bath robes since i personally don't have a use for them since that one bg recolor update lol. the showertub requires parenthood.