A cute baby bear pattern round rug for children, that keeps sims happy and increases environmental score, and pets will be curious about it or sleep on it. 
  • High Quality.
  • For base game.
  • 12 color.
  • Motive Energy +2
  • Happy +4
  • Environment Score +1
  • Starting size 3x3
  • Pets take an interest in rug, and can sleep on it.
  • No music is required, Sims can dance together on the rug, just click on the rug, and "Dance Here" option will appear, when the Sims start dancing, click on the person you want to dance together, and choose "invite them to dance". 
  • Can moved any time or placed in a Sims inventory.
  • Can be given as a gift (Need Seasons Pack)
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Important information:
All my objects are designed based on the basic game. There are absolutely no scripts added, and there will be no EXE files.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a private message, and I will answer or solve it as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy! 🧡🧡🧡

by samtuse963