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HQ Kids Round Dance Rug #1 Samtuse963


2/6 Update Notes:
New feature: Sims can dance on this rug without music now! 💃🕺💃 

A cute baby bear pattern round rug for children, that keeps sims happy and increases environmental score, and pets will be curious about it or sleep on it.
  • High Quality.
  • For base game.
  • 12 color.
  • Motive Energy +2
  • Happy +4
  • Environment Score +1
  • Starting size 3x3
  • Pets take an interest in rug, and can sleep on it.
  • Sims can dance on rug without music now, click on the rug, and the "Dance Here" option will appear. The Sims will walk to the rug to dance and practice their dance steps without music.
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Hope you enjoy! 🧡🧡🧡

by samtuse963