Surprise I finished GROVE Part 2 and let me tell you I didn't plan to make a full kitchen set, I wanted it to be mixed and only planned on doing a counter and island, but well I dove quite into it and now ended up with 37 kitchen items :D Now let me tell you a few things about them.

Counters/ Island: As you might have noticed the GROVE Set is generally inspired by the Mediterranean. The kitchens I was drawn to were mostly quite open and airy and a bit mixed-matched... less formal. To get the look right you will get a counter and island that has all pieces in the same style, but to break up the look I created two accent counters one that is open and one that is covered by a curtain. The counter and the island fit seamlessly together and can be placed next to each other ( a bit like my Florence Kitchen)

Shelves: I decided to go shelf only! I am a fan of open kitchens and cabinets would have been too heavy, as I said before I wanted to make this one open and airy. There are two kinds of shelves one of wood and one of plaster. I added a stove hood too that matches the plaster shelf.

Decoration: There will be 8 kitchen clutter items, various plates, bowls, cups, a casserole, and a tajine and clamp shell bowl with lemons. I love those greenish-blueish vine bottles and had to add them too. There is one version that can be used for your garden as a torch, but you would need Island living for it to work. For the walls, I created baskets with various patterns :) ( I think one of my new favorite items)

Additionally: You will get two tables with blankets a ceramic ceiling light ( of course in all three heights) and a flagstone floor.

I don't know if I said that before, but all textures, woods, marbles, plasters, patterns, and flagstones are all either hand drawn, hand made, modeled, or self-made, and I am so looking forward to getting better and creating more items like this:D