Hello!! hope you guys everything is well:)

My first kitchen cabinet set is here, there are many colors for you to choose, and there are also have new rice cookers and kettles, If you have For Rent expansion pack, you can use it. If not, it can only be used as a decoration.

Next month is still the Forever Autumn collection, and I will do some interior decoration for the upcoming New Year.

any way, hope you will like it!

Best wish ♥ Joyce

  • Search Forever Autumn or Joyce to find the items
  • Some items  share the same textures,  please ensure that there is a file ending with 'texture' in your Mods folder
  • new 20 items
  • Base Game
  • For Rent( Kettle & Rice Cooker )


  • TOU:
  • Please do not claim as your own.
  • 请勿声称创作者是你自己
  • Please do not re-upload.
  • 请勿重新上传
  • Please do not re-edit.
  • 请勿重新编辑我的网格