Its the most wonderful time of the month :D at least for me as the set is finished. Fayun Part 3 is the last iteration of the Fayun Series and while I created interior items for the first two parts it's time for the exterior.

The ability to recreate Asian hip and gable roofs for the Sims sparked the idea for the Fayun Set already back in May, that's when I started working on the first pieces for the exterior part. I was mainly inspired by traditional Chinese architecture but you will be able to use some of the pieces also for Japanese and Korean-style buildings and let me tell you it was quite fun testing them out in Mount Komorebi :)

This collection comprises 65 pieces including windows, doors, arches, a gazebo, awnings, matching roof tiles and decoration, placable fences, railings and spandrel, a functional column, and room dividers. I also created a pebble stone floor with matching terrain paint and a wall.

In the coming days, I will build a few roofs on a lot and upload them to the gallery, which might help you with understanding how the pieces can be used