Littledica X Deligracy:
This pack has been an absolute treat to work on. Me and Deligracy started talking about a possible collaboration around October 2020 and i was so excited! I am forever grateful to Deli for this amazing opportunity to work together, and i’m absolutely blown away by the fact that i can call her a friend of mine. If you told that to 16 year old me, a huge fan of Deligracy on YouTube, he would’ve probably fainted!

I know i say this everytime, but i can say with lots of confidence, this is my best set so far. I loved the experience of asking for feedback on the assets and implementing changes where needed, it just gives the process of creating a second layer of polishing that makes every single item matter and be awesome.

I hope you guys love this pack as much as me and Deli do! Scroll down to know more about the hero objects, the highlights of the pack and much more!


H&B Cuisine Series Refrigerator:
As always, H&B strives to offer the best of the best to its customers. The H&B Cuisine Series Refridgerator is no exception. This awesome, wide fridge is completely upgraded and is able to slot post-cards type objects to its left door. The pack comes with a post-card type magnet! This magnet allows you to slot your kid’s artwork to it as well, isn’t that awesome?


H&B PRO-Brew Kettle:
Kiss clunky, huge tea machines goodbye! The H&B PRO-Brew Kettle is jam packed with H&B PRO-Brew technology, but in a smaller form factor! It also comes completely upgraded, as per H&B’s fashion.


One pack, infinite combinations:
Your sim just finished shopping for their new, shiny country-style wooden tops kitchen, and suddenly they feel the urge to renovate again in a sleek, modern style! Don’t worry, your new modern kitchen is a change of swatch away. The pack can offer very different vibes based on how the swatches are combined, the best of both worlds!


Color palette of the pack:
The swatches of this pack are quite pastel and spring inspired, with a touch of colorful shades and modern and sleek greys. The wide variety allows for very different kitchens ranging from black and white, modern sets to colorful, wooden rooms!