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Phew! Its done! Another kitchen in the bag!

Part 2 focuses on the kitchen and dining area. Of course as always there are tons of swatches, so prepare ya bodies & ENJOY!!!


Items include:
- Kitchen Counter
- Kitchen Island Wood
- Kitchen Island Marble
- Shelves (middle, inside corner & outside corner)
- Bar Stool
- Dining Table 3x1 & 2x1
- Dining Chair
- Picture Frame (wallmounted & leaning)
- Flower Vase


I decided to not go with traditional cabinets in this set and decided on a shelving system instead. It has 3 parts, so you can make your shelving as long or short as you would like. It can even go around corners. If you would like closed cabinets and fridge nooks, I would recommend pairing with the cabinets from the Halcyon Kitchen as they also have all the same wood tones & many of the colours also overlap.


đź’ˇ PRO TIP: If the counter selection tool runs off the edge of the screen, try applying a filter to you catalogue to move the location of the item with the catalogue. Its most likely that filtering by colour will achieve the best restults as it will show mutiple versions of the counter and its most likely that one will be far enough to the r/h side of the screen so you can select the counter piece you require