Here’s the second part of my boho wedding set ! This one contains 21 new items that will complete the first set that you can get here. All items are basegame compatible but some of them will only be functional if you have the right gamepack (but at least you can decorate !). It contains dance floors (compatible with Get Together) that will become starry illuminated at night ! A functional buffet ! Some bar with stool ! A beautiful sofa with cushions ! And many more !


  • Includes 21 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible, although the champagne bucket and the aisle will need Wedding Stories to be functional. The dance floor and buffet requires either Wedding Stories or Get Together to be functional.
  • Most items are low poly but some items are higher than usual, because i didn’t want to compromise on the aspect quality. They’re still low compared to actual games but not compare to EA’s standard. This includes: The buffet table (6k), the flowers for the screen divider (7k) and the sofa (5k).
  • Welcome sign and champagne bucket are available in simlish swatches
  • Flower from the screen divider can be slotted to it for easier placement


This is a release of an early access that was available on my patreon. 

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