This set is the first part of my boho wedding theme collection ! It contains 37 new items to build your wedding venue with rattan, wicker and earthen natural colors furnitures. As I was super disapointed by the DLC, all the items of this first part are basegame compatible and you won’t need My Wedding Stories in order to play with them. You can rewatch my stream for the overview and details of all the items I created !

This set contains an edible cake, which was the starting point of my collab with Ravasheen for the Syb Eats mod (that’s why I posted it first ;). You’ll need the mod in order to summon it. For now this cake is basegame and doesn’t have the new functionality of the DLC since well… It doesn’t work. I might update this later in the future.


  • This set contains 37 new items
  • Eveything is basegame compatible
  • Most items are low poly but some items are higher than usual, because i didn’t want to compromise on the aspect quality. They’re still low compared to actual games but not compare to EA’s standard. This includes: The peacock chair (8k), the dining tables (7k), the bouquets (6k & 4k)
  • You’ll need SYB EATS mod in order for the cake box to be functional, and to summon the edible cake.
  • All windows are available for all three heights


This is a release of an early access that was available on my patreon. 

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