BI+CO Viet-A-Porter: The Tailor's Nook Part 2

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Welcome back to "The Tailor’s Nook," and the eagerly awaited part 2 that completes our enchanting sewing store collection! This set takes you on an immersive journey from the humble tailor's nook, where dreams take shape, to the professional sewing store adorned with an exquisite array of fabric swatches, each piece brings you closer to the essence of creativity. Witness the captivating chaos behind the scenes, where dedication and passion intertwine to breathe life into every textile design.



All item is Base Game Compatible (BGC)
  1. Designer Muse Mannequin | 5 Swatch
  2. Maestro Draft Table | 5 swatch
  3. Grande Maestro Draft Table | 5 swatch
  4. Textile Sanctuary | 5 swatch
  5. Creative Chaos Clutter 1 | 5 swatch
  6. Creative Chaos Clutter 2 | 5 swatch
  7. Silken Fabric Roll | 3 swatch



We hope you enjoy this release. As always, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. We are incredibly grateful to have you on this journey with us!




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