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I recently said that my mood and creativity were influenced by the weather. Well it is true, but it can also have the extreme opposite effect on myself ! While I recently bought the Island Living Pack and made my sim move to a remoted isle, I was in need of build items to create the perfect place.

This set will give you plenty of elements to create a dreamy and eco house. Fences, railing, stairs, windows, doors, trees, floors, wall and my very first foundation cc (with a new mesh ! It is not a simple recolor !). I also made a new roof texture and.. A ROOF TRIM. The roof trim took me more time than all the other objects gathered. It is inspired from the one from the sulani DLC and unfortunately, couldn’t work with more than 3 swatches, so it has only three, sorry. I made one swatch for the Annie set. I call this progress !



  • Includes 27 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • The stairs can sometimes have streched texture on landing depending on their position.
  • Everything is low poly

This is a release of an early access that was available on my patreon. 

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