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Unit Defence

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Ok, I have messed with everything necessary to making the map run right. I am smart enough to know what to do with regions, points, everything, but i lack any programming skills. I have made the map, made the units, altered data, but i cant do the following:

Spawn units, different for increasing waves (25 units per spawn)

Not allow flying units to leave specific players region (i.e. player 3's overlord not leave player 3's lane)

Make it so when units enter beacon, that if correct amount of changeling per red circle (three red circles in front == 3 changelings on beacon) is met, it creates that unit for player.

Spawn a new Changeling for every 25 kills.

You can upgrade more than 3 times, balance with cost, and change that upgrade causes.

I do however have the map all made, regions and points all out and labeled easy, no building zones, upgrades for all units and no other upgrades (so the viking in assault mode is upgraded with the vehicle upgrade, and that you cant research stim pack) unit select area set up and easy to program. I have been working on it forever and i cant figure it out strictly because i don't know enough about programming. So please, check it out, and if you are willing to help me complete this map, you would more than gladly be added to the created by section.

(And i do acknowledge that i did not make the scoreboard, i copied it from another map)