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Turret Defense 2011 -Pro- will start downloading in 5 seconds...


In retaliation for the plagiarized knockoff of one of the most popular maps in Starcraft 2 both in the Beta and the release so far, I've refined and have finally finished making Turret Defense 2011. I even added a message for the asshole who plagiarized the map to rub it in his face.

Get that fag's map off the chart by hosting games of this one instead. Everything else should work itself out after that.

Differences from the 2010 plagiarized version:

-Flying ground units don't get blocked by ground units and buildings -Turrets cost 1 mineral, like Ghost[Yoon] and Canada`Bio intended -Fuck that guy -Its hella more difficult, as it was always supposed to be before that douchebag made it 10x easier -Spires don't die randomly

gl hf gg